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‘GOLF’ is the ultimate destination magazine for people who embrace the game and the sophisticated golf lifestyle. It is the oldest golf magazine in Poland. Since 1997 it is also the biggest magazine publishes the ideas and images of golf’s greatest teachers, players and writers. Golf provides readers information about latest and the best equipment, rules, instructions and much more. ‘Golf’ holds the passion for improvement as its readers whose concept of “the good life” is being able to play more golf, and play better golf. is part of website It is the first Polish online tv about golf. This webpage shows program, such as instructions of golf, interviews with golfers, tournaments reports, opinion programs and funny golf clips. All of them are produced specially for our readers to show them golf from a different point of view. is website made in partnership with ‘Golf’ magazine. Therefore it is one of the best (if not the best) Polish language website about golf. Daily updating news, equipment tests reports, capacious articles about travel, instructions wrote by the best professional golfers and plenty of informations makes very useful website for readers.

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